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Debugging options


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
User 0 parameter line
Related products
Model 204 V7.4 or earlier


Control of the debugging options within Model 204.

Valid settings of DEBUGOPT, which can be summed, are as follows:

X'01' Implements GTRACE (GTF) for module mapping and subtask-to-maintask switching.
X'02' Server swapping debugging facility.

If this option is specified, evaluations run within a special key restricted debug server instead of the normal server. This option may be used to find server swapping errors. This option causes increased CPU overhead.

X'04' Force debugging server swaps.

Server swaps may be swappable or non-swappable. Normally, a swappable server will remain within the running area unless the area is requested by a waiting user. If this option is specified, every non-swappable server swap will be forced into a new debug server, no matter whether it is requested or not. This option causes significant CPU overhead.

X'08' Server protection option.

This option turns on key protection for all servers.This option causes significant CPU overhead.

X'10' Komm protection option.

This option turns on key protection for all user Komm areas.

X'20' BTB disk buffer page sentinels.

This option adds a key protected storage page between each BTB disk buffer. This may significantly increase the storage required for BTB buffers. ATB buffers are uneffected by this bit.

X'40' Use normal access paths for ATB CCATEMP.

This option disables shortcut pathing when accessing ATB CCATEMP.

X'80' Dirty 64-bit registers.

For each quad being executed, set the high order word of each register to high values. This option is used to detect invalid 64-bit addressing within Model 204 source code.