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The following are the available XmlDoc API methods.

AddAttributeXmlNodeAdd Attribute to Element node
AddCommentXmlDoc/XmlNodeAdd Comment to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddElementXmlDoc/XmlNodeAdd Element to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddNamespaceXmlNodeAdd namespace declaration to Element node
AddPIXmlDoc/XmlNodeAdd Processing Instruction to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddSubtreeXmlDoc/XmlNodeCopy subtree to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddTextXmlNodeAdd Text child to Element node
AddTopElementXmlDocAdd new top element to XmlDoc
AddToRecordXmlDocAdd fields and/or fieldgroups to the current record
AdjacentTextXmlDocAre adjacent text nodes allowed?
AllowNullXmlDocAllow null characters in node values?
AllowXmlAttributeXmlDocMay Attribute names begin with "xml"?
AllowXmlElementXmlDocMay Element names begin with "xml"?
AppendValueXmlNodeAppend to value of node
AuditXmlDoc/XmlNodeDisplay selected subtree on audit trail
ClientCertificateXmlDocCreate XmlDoc with client certificate details
CopyXmlDocCopy this XmlDoc
CountXmlNodelistNumber of nodes in this nodelist
DeepCopyXmlDocDeep copy this XmlDoc
DeepCopyXmlNodeDeep copy this node
DeepDiscardXmlNodeDo deep discard of an XmlNode object
DefaultURIXmlDoc/XmlNodeDefault URI in scope at selected node
DeleteSelectionPrefixXmlDocDelete prefix's XPath-selection association
DeleteSubtreeXmlDoc/XmlNodeDelete selected subtree
DeleteTopElementXmlDocDelete top element from XmlDoc
DifferenceXmlNodelistDifference between XmlNodelists
EncodingXmlDocEncoding of XML document
ExistsXmlDoc/XmlNodeIs XPath result non-empty?
InsertCommentBeforeXmlNodeInsert a Comment before this node
InsertElementBeforeXmlNodeInsert an Element before this node
InsertPIBeforeXmlNodeInsert a processing instruction before this node
InsertSubtreeBeforeXmlNodeInsert copy of subtree before this node
InsertTextBeforeXmlNodeInsert Text node before this node
InvalidCharXmlDocAllow invalid characters (obsolete)
InvalidCharacterPositionXmlDocDetect invalid characters
IsSelectionPrefixXmlDocCheck if prefix has XPath-selection association
IsValidStringXmlDocValid XML Element/Attribute value? (obsolete)
ItemXmlNodelistRetrieve an item from this nodelist
LengthXmlDoc/XmlNodeLength of string-value of selected node
LoadCommandInfoXmlDocLoad command info into this XmlDoc
LoadFromRecordXmlDoc/XmlNodeLoad fields and fieldgroups from current record
LoadFromStringlistXmlDoc/XmlNodeDeserialize Stringlist into XmlDoc (obsolete)
LoadMessageInfoXmlDocLoad message info into this XmlDoc
LoadMsgctlXmlDocLoad MSGCTL commands to this XmlDoc
LoadParameterInfoXmlDocLoad parameter info into this XmlDoc
LoadSystemMethodInfoXmlDocLoad info about system methods into this XmlDoc
LoadXmlXmlDoc/XmlNodeDeserialize XML document or fragment into XmlDoc Root or into Element XmlNode
LocalNameXmlDoc/XmlNodeName (without prefix) of selected node
NamespaceXmlDoc(Dis)allow or disable prefix handling
NewXmlDocCreate a new XmlDoc object
NewXmlNodelistCreate a new XmlNodelist
NewFromRecordXmlDocCreate a new XmlDoc from the current record
NextXmlNodeGet the next node after this node
NoEmptyElementXmlNodeSuppress/produce empty tag when serializing this Element, if childless
PrefixXmlDoc/XmlNodePrefix part of name of selected node
PrefixURIXmlDoc/XmlNodeURI of specified prefix in context of selected node
PreviousXmlNodeGet node previous to this node
PrintXmlDoc/XmlNodePrint selected subtree
QNameXmlDoc/XmlNodeName (with prefix, if any) of selected node
SelectCountXmlDoc/XmlNodeNumber of selected nodes
SelectionNamespaceXmlDocBind prefix to URI (or null) for XPath
SelectNodesXmlDoc/XmlNodeGet list of selected nodes as XmlNodelist
SelectSingleNodeXmlDoc/XmlNodeGet selected node as XmlNode
SerialXmlDoc/XmlNodeSerialize selected subtree as string
StandaloneXmlDocStandalone specification in "XML declaration"
ToXPathStringXmlDoc/XmlNodeXPath expression for selected node
ToXPathStringlistXmlDoc/XmlNodeXPath expression (in Stringlist) for selected node
TraceXmlDoc/XmlNodeDisplay selected subtree on Trace stream
TypeXmlDoc/XmlNodeType of selected node
UnionSelectedXmlNodelistUnion of XmlNodelist and selected nodes
URIXmlDoc/XmlNodeNamespace URI of name of selected node
ValueXmlDoc/XmlNodeString-value of selected node
ValueDefaultXmlDoc/XmlNodeString-value of selected node (allow empty XPath)
VersionXmlDocVersion number in "XML declaration"
WebReceiveXmlDocDeserialize Web request into this XmlDoc
WebSendXmlDocSerialize XmlDoc as Web response
XmlXmlDocSerialize XmlDoc as UTF-8 string
XmlDocXmlNodeGet the XmlDoc associated with this node
XmlDocXmlNodelistGet the XmlDoc associated with this nodelist
XPathNodeIDXmlDoc/XmlNodeXPath expression (in Stringlist) for selected node

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