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Permit use of proxy server? (HttpRequest class)

The Proxy settable method permits the use of proxy servers with the HttpRequest object.

If you specify a proxy server by setting Proxy, subsequent Get, Post, and Send calls use this proxy server. If referenced by an HttpRequest object, Proxy returns the current proxy server (or a zero length string, if no proxy was set).


%currentString = httpRequest:Proxy httpRequest:Proxy = newString

Syntax terms

%currentString The string or Longstring variable for the assignment of the current value of Proxy. If no Proxy value has been set, currentString is assigned a zero-length string.
httpRequest A previously defined and instantiated HttpRequest object.
newString Identifies the proxy server to use, and is of form:


  • Protocol is http or https and defaults to http. It controls the protocol used for the connection to the proxy server.
  • Host specifies either the IP number or the DNS name of the proxy server. It must be specified or the request is cancelled.
  • Port specifies the port number for the proxy server. If it is not specified, the default for the protocol (http is 80, and https is 443) is used.

Usage notes

  • If Proxy is set multiple times, the most recent setting is used as the proxy server.

See also

  • The current proxy setting can be cleared with RemoveProxy.