SetSession (Object subroutine)

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Set session object reference (Object class)


%(Object):SetSession( name, source)

Syntax terms

%(Object) The class name in parentheses denotes a shared method. SetSession can also be invoked via an Object class object variable, which may be Null.
name A string that specifies the session name.
source This Object class object variable is set by SetSession to be referenced by the session name name.

source can be a %variable, a structure member, or a class member inside an object.


The following fragment creates a session called GROUCHO followed by a timestamp, then sets a cookie for a web application so that the session can be easily located on subsequent web requests.

%sesid = 'GROUCHO' WITH $SirTime %rc = $Session_Create(%sesid, , 3600) %rc = $Web_Set_Cookie('SESID', %sesid)

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