SirtuneReport (Dataset function)

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This function reads the records in a dataset and produces a SirTune report from it. Obviously, the dataset processed by the SirtuneReport method must be a SirTune sample dataset.

SirtuneReport syntax

 %outdoc = %dataset:sirtuneReport(%indoc)

Syntax terms

%outdoc An XmlDoc object variable that will be set to reference an XmlDoc

that contains the SirTune “report”. The report is really an XmlDoc whose nodes describe the data in the sample dataset and, possibly, has error messages indicating any problems processing the sample dataset.

%dataset A reference to an instance of a Dataset object.
%indoc An XmlDoc object that indicates which reports are to be produced.

Usage Notes

  • A site must be authorized for SirTune to use the SirtuneReport method.
  • The dataset must be open but not have any records read from it. If the dataset is not open, the request is cancelled. If the dataset is not a SirTune sample dataset or has had records read from it, the output document will contain an error message.
  • The document (outermost) element for the input XmlDoc must be SirtuneInput. Anything else results in request cancellation. Other errors in input document content result in error messages in the output XmlDoc. The document (outermost) element for the output XmlDoc will always be SirtuneReport. For more information about the format of the input and output XmlDocs for SirtuneReport, see the |SirTune Reference Manual.
  • SirTune provides pre-packaged User Language that invokes the SirtuneReport method and produces SirTune reports in various formats, without requiring any additional programming. The SirtuneReport method is available to be used directly, however, for any site that wants more complete control over the output format or wants to save the XML format of the SirTune reports for later processing.