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The $ArrSize function returns the number of elements in a particular dimension of a named array. This function is useful for users who pass entire arrays as parameters to a subroutine and then must know the size of the array supplied as the actual argument. For more information about passing arrays to a subroutine, refer to Index loops.


The format of the $ArrSize function is:

$ArrSize (name, dimension)


  • name is a quoted string that specifies the name of an array.
  • dimension is a number that indicates the dimension of the named array for which the number of elements should be returned. Dimension can contain an expression whose value is 1, 2, or 3.


FOR %I FROM 1 TO $arrsize ('%COMM.ARRAY',1)

causes %I to iterate from 1 to the number of elements in dimension 1 of the array %COMM.ARRAY.

Note: The first argument (name) will always be upper cased unless the compiler directive SIRIUS CASE LEAVE is specified prior to the $function (version 78 and above).