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Fast, easy synchronization of system wide resource

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The is no OO equivalent for the $Bind function.

The $Bind function provides a fast and convenient way of synchronizing access to system wide resources.

$Bind accepts two arguments and returns a numeric code.

  • The first argument is the name of the resource to be bound. This resource name can be any string up to 255 bytes long. Only one user can have a resource bound at a time.
  • The second argument is the number of milliseconds to wait for the resource if it is not immediately available. This argument is available as of Sirius Mods version 6.9. If it is not specified, $Bind returns immediately, indicating that the resource was not available.


%result = $Bind(res_name, wait_time)

%result is set to indicate the success of the function.

$Bind return codes

>=0 - User number that currently has resource bound -1 - Resource name missing -2 - Insufficient storage to do the bind -10 - Resource already bound by current user -20 - Resource successfully bound

Usage notes

  • It is the responsibility of each programming team to establish resource naming conventions appropriate to its site. A resource remains bound until it is either explicitly unbound with the $Unbind or $UnbindW function or the binding user logs off or is restarted.


The following program binds the resource called 'SMITHERS':

begin %rc = $Bind('SMITHERS') end

The following program binds the resource called 'BURNS', waiting up to 10 seconds (10,000 milliseconds) for the resource to become available.

begin %rc = $Bind('BURNS', 10000) end

Products authorizing $Bind