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Bump a user

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. There is currently no OO equivalent for the $Bump function as no User class is implemented.

The $Bump function allows a privileged user (system manager or system administrator) to bump another user just as the BUMP command does.

$Bump accepts one or two arguments and returns a numeric code.


%result = $Bump(user_num, [userid])

%result A numeric value (see Return codes) that indicates the success of the function.
user_num The number of the user to be bumped.
userid An optional user ID. If this argument is provided, the user indicated by user_num is bumped only if the user ID matches userid. This helps prevent accidentally bumping a user that just logged onto a thread previously occupied by another user.

Return codes

0 - User bumped 1 - User not found 2 - Not privileged to issue BUMP command

Usage notes

The behavior of $Bump is affected by the FUNCOPTS system parameter: If the FUNCOPTS X'01' bit is set, a caller of $Bump can bump any thread that has the same user ID as that of the caller, whether or not the caller is a system administrator or system manager.


The following program bumps user ID HOMER that has user number 13:

B %RC = $Bump( 13, 'HOMER' ) END

Products authorizing $Bump