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Use the $ChkMod function after a READ SCREEN or REREAD SCREEN statement to determine whether the terminal operator entered data for any full-screen input fields or for a specific input field. See a discussion of the full-screen feature in Full-screen processing.


The format of the $ChkMod function is:

$ChkMod (screenname [, inputname])

  • Both the screenname and inputname arguments are expected to be string expressions and can include quoted strings, %variables, field names, or functions.

    If screenname and/or inputname are quoted strings, the name must be enclosed in single quotation marks:

    $chkmod ('EMPSCRN', 'NAME')

  • If inputname (representing an input field on the specified screen) is not included in the function call, $ChkMod returns the number of input fields for which the terminal operator entered data.

    If inputname is specified, $ChkMod returns a value of 0 if the input field was not modified. $ChkMod returns a value of 1 if the field was modified.