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Get user number of master thread

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the $DaemonMasterNumber function is MasterNumber. The OO APIs emphasize the use of the Daemon methods; users are strongly urged to use the new Daemon API instead of the old $functions.

This function can be used to get the user number of an sdaemon's master thread.

The $DaemonMasterNumber function accepts no arguments.


%usern = $DaemonMasterNumber

Syntax terms

%usern A numeric variable that is set to the daemon master's user number, or it is set to -1 if not called from a daemon.

Usage notes

  • The $DaemonMasterNumber function returns the same value as the $DaemonParentNumber function, except in the case where the parent thread, itself, has a parent. In such a case, the $DaemonMasterNumber method follows the chain of parents to the highest level, that is, to the parent that does not, itself, have a parent.
  • If the thread issuing $DaemonMasterNumber is not an sdaemon, or is an sdaemon but is not performing work for another thread via a Daemon object or a $COMMxx function, or is an asynchronous daemon, the $DaemonMasterNumber function returns a -1 value.
  • The $DaemonMasterNumber method has a Daemon class method equivalent: MasterNumber. The $function and method can be used interchangeably, whether the daemon was created with a $COMMxx function or a Daemon object.
  • This $function is new in Version 6.8 of the Sirius Mods.


The following code audits a thread's master user number:

audit 'My master''s user number is ' $DaemonMasterNumber