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The $DateJ function returns the current Julian date as a 5- to 7-character string in one of these formats:

  • YY-DDD, format, for example, 97-342
  • CYY-DDD format, for example, 097-342
  • YYYY-DDD format, for example, 1997-342

The default is five characters. If $DateJ is stored as a field value, you can use this form to sort records chronologically.


When using $DateJ in field values, make sure that all values of $DateJ are in the same format. You get incorrect results when sorting records if you mix YYYY, CYY, and YY formats.


The format for $DateJ is:

$DateJ(year-format, fill-character)

For further syntax details, see Overview of $Date functions.

If Model 204 encounters an error, the function returns all asterisks (*).