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Delete system-wide global

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the $Delg_Sys function is the DeleteGlobal (System subroutine).

This function allows a user to delete a Model 204 "global variable" which has a system-wide scope. Doing this will let the value of the $GETG function or dummy string ("?&") substitution for the variable default to the current user global variable with the same name, or it may not affect their results, depending on the scope search order. The order in which the different scopes of global variables are searched can be controlled using $SirParm parameters: for $GETG, with 'GETGSYS', and for dummy strings, with 'DUMMYSYS'.

The $Delg_Sys function accepts one argument and returns zero, indicating success, or a number indicating the cause of error, if there is one.

The first argument is the name of the global variable to be deleted. This is an optional argument; it defaults to the null string.

System administrator privileges are required to invoke this $function.


%rc = $Delg_Sys([glob_name])

%rc is set to 0 or to an error indicator.

Return codes

0 - No errors 1 - Not system administrator

Usage notes

  • Retrieval of system global variables is highly efficient; updates, however, are not, so use this $function appropriately.
  • For an explanation of the use of system global variables, see $Setg_Sys. For an explanation of $SirParm, see $SirParm.