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Insert delimiter string into input string at regular positions

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the $Delimr function is the Insert function.

This function inserts a delimiter string into an input string at regular positions. The $Delimr function accepts three arguments and returns a string result that is made up of the first argument string and the delimiters.

The first argument is an arbitrary string.

The second argument is a delimiter string that is truncated at two characters if longer.

The third argument is a number that indicates the intervals at which to insert the delimiter string. If this argument is omitted, the delimiter string is not inserted.


%STRING = $Delimr(string, delim, interval)

%STRING is made up of the first argument string and delim.

For example

%JUNK = $Delimr('070476', '/', 2)

would set %JUNK to 07/04/76 and

%JUNK = $Delimr('ABCDEFG', ' ', 1)

would set %JUNK to A B C D E F G.

Products authorizing $Delimr