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The $Errmsg function returns a string containing the prefix and text of the last counting error message or request cancellation message received by the user.

A null value is returned if no counting error or request cancellation message has been received since:

  • The beginning of the user's Model 204 session
  • The last call to the $ErrClr function.
  • Processing a SOUL Open statement


This function takes no arguments.

Usage notes

The maximum length of the returned string is determined by the setting of the ERRMSGL parameter. That parameter defaults to 80, which means a maximum of 79 characters are returned, but ERRMSGL can be set as high as 256, which means up to 255 characters would be returned.


A sample $Errmsg function with an On Error unit follows. To learn about On Error units, see ON units.

begin error.proc: on error print 'The request is ending' print 'The last error message received was:' print $errMsg end on get.recs: find all records for which agent = casola end find for each record in get.recs . . . end for end

See also

  • IFGERR IFAM function.
  • $Fsterr, which returns the first counting error message.
  • The ERRMSGL parameter, which determines the length of errors returned by $Errmsg and $Fsterr.