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Cancel running or waiting Fast/Unload request

This cancels a Fast/Unload request that is either running or enqueued to run.

The $FunForc function accepts one argument and returns a numeric result.

The only argument is a string that identifies the request number for the request to be cancelled. To cancel a request, a user must either have initiated the request or have system manager privileges. For example, the following code creates an asynchronous unload request, and then immediately cancels it:

%RC = $FunLoad('DATA',..,'ASYNC') IF %RC GE 0 THEN %RC = $FunForc(%RC) END IF


%result = $FunForc(req_num)

%result is set to either of these:

  • 0, if the request number req_num was found and cancelled.
  • A return code, if the request could not be found or cancelled.

Return codes

5 - User does not have privilege to cancel request 6 - Request not found

Usage notes

  • $FunForc immediately DETACH'es a Fast/Unload task, while $FunPurg allows the Fast/Unload task to do a "clean" termination. Indiscriminate use of $FunForc could result in certain resources (such as sort work files) being left "in use". Use $FunForc when $FunPurg cannot purge the request cleanly.

Products authorizing $FunForc