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Convert EBCDIC string to hexadecimal equivalent

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the $IHexA function is the StringToHex function.

This function converts an EBCDIC string to its hexadecimal equivalent.

The $IHexA function accepts one argument and returns a string result that is the hexadecimal representation of the first argument.

The first argument is an arbitrary string.


%HEX = $IHexA(string)

%HEX is set to the hexadecimal equivalent of string.

Usage notes

  • Because the result string can be at most 255 bytes long and the result string is always twice as long as the input string, any input string longer than 127 bytes, will produce a 254 byte result string representing the first 127 characters in the input string.


This statement sets %JUNK to the string C1C2818283:

%JUNK = $IHexA('ABabc')

And this statement sets %JUNK to the string 40F140:

%JUNK = $IHexA(' 1 ')

Products authorizing $IHexA