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The $ItsRemote function (valid in Parallel Query Option/204 only) lets you determine whether a file is remote or whether a group is scattered. The return codes are:

0 The file is not remote, or the group is not scattered.
1 The file is remote, or the group is scattered.


The format for the $ItsRemote function is:

$ItsRemote ({[FILE] name [AT location] | [PERM | TEMP] [GROUP] name})

where name is a %variable or a literal file name, file synonym, or group name. You must enter the filename in uppercase. If you specify a null for name, Model 204 uses the file or group context at the compilation of the statement containing the $function as the default argument.


begin %name is string %name = $read('ENTER THE FILE OR GROUP NAME') if $itsremote(%name) then print %name ' IS REMOTE' else print %name ' IS NOT REMOTE' end