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Retrieve statistics for set of Janus ports into $list


%result = $JpStatL(list_identifier, stat_list)

Syntax terms

%result Either a positive number, which is the milliseconds since the Online was brought up, or a negative error code.
list_identifier The identifier of the $list to receive the results. The current contents of the $list are deleted and replaced with the requested statistics. The format of each $list item is:
Byte 1-30 Blank padded port name
Byte 31-32 Binary port number
Byte 33- Returned statistics
stat_list A string of blank delimited words indicating the statistics to be returned. The length of each returned statistic is always a multiple of four bytes. This facilitates the use of $StatLD with the returned $list. For more information about available statistics, see SirMon Janus Monitor menu.

Error codes

-3 — CCATEMP is full. -5 — Required parameter not specified. -6 — Invalid $list identifier. -12 — Invalid parameter in stat_list. -13 — STAT not linked in. -17 — No Janus port active.

Products authorizing $JpStatL