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Copy $list

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the $ListCpy function is Copy.

$ListCpy copies an entire $list, creating a new $list. The input $list can be created by any of the $list creating functions.

The $ListCpy function accepts one argument and returns a numeric result.


%result = $ListCpy(list_identifier)

%result is set to the identifier of the output $list.

The first argument is the identifier of the input $list. This is a required argument.

Return codes

-3 - No room in CCATEMP -5 - Required argument not specified -6 - $List identifier invalid

Usage notes

  • All invocations of a particular call to $ListCpy will always return the same $list identifier. Each time that call is executed, if the function is successful then any previous $list created by that call is deleted, and a new list is created.
  • $ListCpy's output $list identifier is associated with the same image as the input $list (as associated with $ListImg).
  • $ListCpy does a page for page copy of the input $list. As such, it is very efficient (more efficient than $List_Copy_Items) but it is also useless for compressing a list that has become sparse as the result of heavy $ListIns, $ListRep, $ListAdj and $ListRem activity. $ListRep and $ListAdj will only cause a $list to become sparse if $list items are replaced with larger $list items or increased in size. For list compression, use $List_Copy_Items.

Products authorizing $ListCpy