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Retrieve $list item into longstring

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the $ListInf_Lstr function is the Item function.

This function returns the current contents of a specified $list item as a longstring.

The $ListInf_Lstr function accepts two arguments and returns a longstring result.

The first argument is a $list identifier. This is a required argument.

The second argument is the number of the item in the $list. This is a required argument.


%result = $ListInf_Lstr(list_identifier, item_num)

%result is a string that contains the contents of the indicated $list item.

usage notes

  • $ListInf_Lstr works almost exactly like $ListInf except:
    • It returns a longstring result so will cause request cancellation if the target %variable is not big enough to hold the result.
    • It cancels the request on any errors such as invalid $list identifier or invalid $list item number.
    • It does not have item position and length arguments (arguments 3 and 4 in $ListInf).

Products authorizing $ListInf_Lstr