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Create empty $list

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the $ListNew function is the New constructor.

The $ListNew function creates an empty $list. It accepts one argument and returns a numeric result.


%result = $ListNew([option])

%result A numeric variable that is set to the identifier of the created empty $list.

No error codes are associated with $ListNew.

option The string NOREL indicates that the contents of the $list are not to be emptied if a Release All Records statement is executed.

Usage notes

  • All invocations of a particular call to $ListNew will always return the same value. Each time that call is executed, any previous $list created by that call is deleted, and a new list is created.
  • $ListNew is not allowed in the Initial clause of a declaration statement.

Products authorizing $ListNew