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Return maximum $list item length

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the $List_MaxIL function is MaxItemLength.

This function returns the maximum $list item length.

$List_MaxIL accepts no arguments and returns the maximum length of a $list item.


%MAX = $List_MaxIL

%MAX: Maximum length of a $list item.

The chief purpose of $List_MaxIL is to avoid having code with a constant (like 6124) whose value is subject to change. Under Sirius Mods Version 6.5, 6124 was the maximum length of a $list item. Under Sirius Mods Version 6.6 and later, some functions such as $ListLoc and $ListLup still only operate on the first 6124 bytes of $list items. While Sirius Software is not likely to reduce this value, because of the complex backward compatibility issues, it might someday increase it, as it eliminated the $list item length limit in Sirius Mods 6.6.

Products authorizing $List_MaxIL