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Copy a $list's image association

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the $Listimg_Copy function is CopyImageBinding.

This function always returns a 0 indicating that the target $list is now associated with the same image as the source $list.

The $Listimg_Copy function accepts two arguments and returns a 0. It is a callable $function.

The first argument is the target $list identifier. This is a required argument.

The second argument is the source $list identifier. This is a required argument.


[%RESULT =] $Listimg_Copy(target_list_id, source_list_id)

%result is always set to 0.

If either the target or source $list identifier is missing or invalid, the request is cancelled.

All errors cause request cancellation.

Usage notes

  • $Listimg_Copy does not affect the contents of either the target or source $list; it simply changes the current image association of the target $list. If the source $list has no image association, $Listimg_Copy removes any image association from the target $list.

Products authorizing $Listimg_Copy