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Add longstring to user buffer

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. There is no OO equivalent for the $Lstr_Add_UserBuffer function.

This callable function appends the value of its Longstring argument to the contents of the current user buffer. Such a user buffer is a Universal Buffer or an MQ/204 user buffer, both of which, as of Model 204 V6R1, may transfer Large Object (LOB) data. For versions of Model 204 prior to 6.1, this $function applies only to the MQ user buffer and requires the MQ/204 feature.


[%len =] $Lstr_Add_UserBuffer(longstring)

%len The resultant length in bytes of the user buffer contents, or it is -1 to indicate an error.
longstring The String or Longstring to be added to the user buffer.

Usage notes

  • The Universal Buffer is a one-per-user, temporary storage area that, like the MQ buffer, automatically expands to accommodate its data contents. Unlike prior versions, the MQ buffer in Model 204 6.1 also becomes a one-per-user buffer.

    If the buffer has to be expanded to accommodate the longstring value, its length is increased in increments of 4096 bytes (one page).

  • Any errors during the transfer of the longstring value result in request cancellation.
  • Data insertions into, or deletions from, the buffer are not allowed in Model 204 6.1.
  • Additional functions specifically for working with Large Object data are:

Products authorizing $Lstr_Add_UserBuffer