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Convert byte string to base 64

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the $Lstr_Base64_Encode function is StringToBase64.

This function converts a byte string into its base 64 encoding. It is identical to $Base64_Encode, except it is longstring capable.

The $Lstr_Base64_Encode function accepts one argument and returns a string result which is the base 64 encoding of that argument.

The first argument is a longstring.

The returned value is the base 64 encoding of the argument string.


%coded = $Lstr_Base64_Encode(string)

%coded is set to the base 64 encoding of string

Usage notes


Given the following argument of length 3:

%junk = $Lstr_Base64_Encode($X2C('001083'))

%junk is set to the byte string (of length 4) represented in character as 'ABCD'.

Products authorizing $Lstr_Base64_Encode