$Lstr_Get_Image and $Lstr_Set_Image

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$Lstr_Get_Image and $Lstr_Set_Image: Longstring to/from image

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. There are no OO equivalents for the $Lstr_Get_Image and $Lstr_Set_Image functions.

$Lstr_Get_Image returns the contents of an image as a longstring. $Lstr_Set_Image sets the contents of an image from a longstring.


%lstr = $Lstr_Get_Image(image)

%rc = $Lstr_Set_Image(image, value)

Syntax terms

%lstr A longstring to receive the contents of the image.
%rc A numeric variable to receive the count of bytes set in the image.
image A string containing the name of the image to which the function applies. This is a required argument.
value The longstring from which the image in the image argument is to be set.

Usage notes

  • $Lstr_Get_Image and $Lstr_Set_Image can be useful for maintaining :
    • Multiple copies of or versions of an image in a single request
    • One or more global copies of an image (using global Longstrings) without using the GTBL space required by the standard GLOBAL IMAGE feature
    • Copies of an image associated with a session that survives a logout (using session Longstrings).

Products authorizing $Lstr_Get_Image and $Lstr_Set_Image