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Return a word from a long string

Note: Most SOUL $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for $Lstr_Word is Word (except that Word does not allow a word number argument less than 1, as does $Lstr_Word.) Or, you may find the features of the StringTokenizer to be more helpful.

This function takes a Longstring input and a word number and returns a Longstring containing a single word. A null string is returned if the word count in the input Longstring is less than the word number.


%result = $Lstr_Word(longstring, n, delims)

%result is a Longstring that is the nth word in the longstring argument.

longstring is an arbitrary Longstring. This is a required argument.

n is the number of the desired word. The first word in the longstring input is word 1.

delims is a string containing from 1 to 255 characters which are the delimiters for longstring. This is an optional argument, and it defaults to a blank.


  1. To set %res to "shore":

    %res = $Lstr_Word('She sells sea-shells by the sea shore', 7)

  2. To set %res to "sea":

    %res = $Lstr_Word('She sells sea-shells by the sea shore', 7, '- ')

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