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$list of information about procedures in file

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the $PrcLEx function is the AppendProcedureList function.

This function returns information about procedures in a procedure file or group into a $list.

Also see $PrcLExG, which gets a list of procedures in a group, and $Proc_List and $Proc_ListG, which return the date of last update with a 4-digit year.

The $PrcLEx function accepts four arguments and returns a numeric result.

The first argument is the file or group name for which information is to be returned. This is an optional argument and defaults to the default file/group at compile time.

The second argument is the procedure name that is to be selected. The procedure name may contain '*' characters to indicate wildcard matches. This is an optional parameter and defaults to all procedures.

The third argument is the account id of the last modifying user for the procedures to be selected. The account id may contain '*' characters to indicate wildcard matches. This is an optional parameter and defaults to all account ids.

The fourth argument is a string indicating the last modification date for the procedures to be selected. If specified, this parameter must be 6 bytes long and begin with either a '=', '<' or '>' character to indicate whether the date should be equal to, less than or greater than the following Julian date which is the last 5 characters. '>89200', for example, selects procedures last modified after day 200 of 1989. This is an optional parameter and defaults to all modification dates. Note that this 2-digit year date is interpreted with a CENTSPAN of 1975, so that values between 00000 and 74365 are considered to be in the years 2000-2074.


%result = $PrcLEx(file, pname, account, date)

%result is a either a $list identifier or a negative error code.

All invocations of a particular call to $PrcLEx will always return the same $list identifier. Each time that call is executed, if the function is successful then any previous $list created by that call is deleted, and a new list is created.

Output format

The output $list produced by $PrcLEx has the following format:

Col 1-10 Account id of last updater.
Col 12-19 Size of procedure in bytes.
Col 21-28 Date of last update (YY/MM/DD).
Col 30-37 Time of last update (BH:MI:SS).
Col 39- Procedure name

Error codes

-1 - File/group not found -2 - No procedures match search criteria -3 - No room to create $list items (if LISTFC $SirParm parameter not set) -4 - Invalid selection criterion


The following program displays information for all procedures in file 'HOMER' beginning with the letter 'S' last updated by a user whose account id begins with the letter 'A'.

B %LIST = $PrcLEx('HOMER', 'S*', 'A*') FOR %I FROM 1 TO $ListCnt(%LIST) PRINT $ListInf(%LIST, %I) END FOR END

Products authorizing $PrcLEx