$RESET function

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The $RESET function lets you change selected parameters. Currently you can reset only the MQSUBREL parameter.

Syntax to reset a parameter value:

$RESET(parameter_name, parameter_value)

The return code has the following meanings:

Code Means: Parameter...
0 Was reset successfully
1 Name is incorrect or missing
2 Value is incorrect or missing
3 Is not in the user section of KOMM
4 Cannot be reset by User Language
5 Cannot be reset by any user
6 Requires special routine to handle

Return codes 1 and 2 indicate a programming error must be corrected.

Return codes 3 to 6 indicate system errors that might need to be reported to Technical Support.

Usage example:

%A = $RESET('MQSUBREL',1) IF %A > 0 THEN PRINT 'Parameter not reset. Return code = ' %A END IF