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Allow SCREEN to accept fields wider than 79

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the screen $functions are the Screen and ScreenField classes.

This callable function adjusts a SCREEN structure so that it is capable of accommodating fields that are wider than 79 bytes. These "wide" fields can only be displayed on a Model 5 terminal and can be created with the $ScrSize function.

Generally, the $ScrWide function must be preceded by a $ScrHide function if it is used on a Model 5 terminal. This is because the $ScrHide function provides extra space that can be used by the $ScrWide function.


[%result =] $ScrWide(scr_name)

Syntax terms

%result This numeric value indicates the function result. See "Status codes".
scr_name The name of the screen to be "widened."

Status codes

0 — No errors 1 — SCREEN does not exist or invalid screen name 2 — Not enough space to widen screen (need $ScrHide)


  1. This code fragment makes it possible to create "wide" fields on screen INPUT:

    %rc = $ScrWide('INPUT')

    Note that the $ScrWide function does not, in itself, change the appearance of a SCREEN. It simply makes it possible to make fields wider than 79 columns with the $ScrSize function on Model 5 terminals.

  2. See the $ScrHide "Examples" section for a complete example using $ScrHide, $ScrSize, and $ScrWide.

Products authorizing $ScrWide

  • Sirius Functions