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Set modified attribute in screen item

This function sets the modified attribute for a screen item. While it might be useful in some normal full-screen applications, it is probably most useful in applications that receive output from a non-full-screen source but populate a screen from that source, in order to be able to use legacy full-screen code.

When setting a screen item from the external source, set the screen item's modified attribute so that the legacy code can tell that the item has changed.

Under Model 204 7.8 and later, $Screen_mod is callable.


[%one =] $Screen_mod(scr_item)

Syntax terms

%one This function always returns 1.
scr_item The screen item for which attributes are to be returned.
This can be a variable of the form %screen:item or a screen item name variable of the form :%string.


This code fragment sets the modified attribute for screen item bar in screen foo:

%rc = $Screen_mod(%foo:bar)