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Set local system statistic

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. There is currently no OO equivalent for the $SetStat function.

This function allows a user to set the current value of a local system statistic. There are ten local system statistics that can be set via $SetStat. These stats can be examined via $SyStat under the names LOCAL0 through LOCAL9.


%value = $SetStat(stat_num, [value])

Syntax terms

%value A variable that is set to value, the new value of the appropriate local statistic, or it is set to 0 if there is an error.
stat_num The local stat number to be set. If this number is not in the range 0 through 9, $SetStat performs no action and returns a 0.
value A number that indicates the value to which the local stat is to be set. This is an optional argument that defaults to 0.

Usage notes

  • This function can be used to initialize a local statistic. For example, this code fragment initializes local stat number 1 to 0:

    %value = $SetStat(1)

Products authorizing $SetStat