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Load procedure for retrieval via $SirMsg

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. There is no OO equivalent for the $SirMsgP function.

The $SirMsgP function is used to load a procedure into virtual storage for use as the current $SirMsg procedure.

$SirMsgP accepts two arguments and returns a numeric code. It is a callable $function .


%result = $SirMsgP(proc_name, [file_name])

Syntax terms

%result A numeric code set to indicate the success of the function.
proc_name This required argument identifies the SOUL procedure to be made the current $SirMsg procedure.
file_name An optional file name. If this argument is not provided or is a null string, the current file is used.

Return codes

0 - Procedure set as current $SirMsg procedure 1 - Procedure is locked for edit or delete 2 - Procedure does not exist or the current user does not have access privilege 3 - Specified procedure name is invalid (null) 4 - Either file name invalid, or no current file, or caller does not have sufficient privilege to display/include procedures 7 - There is insufficient virtual storage to load the procedure

Usage notes

  • $SirMsgP and $SirMsg allow a programmer to use a Model 204 procedure as a message repository. Each line of the procedure corresponds to a message that can be requested by line number with $SirMsg.

    The advantages of using $SirMsg are:

    • No server space is wasted holding infrequently used error messages.
    • The virtual storage holding the messages is shared among users.
    • It simplifies sharing common messages among procedures in a subsystem or online.
  • If $SirMsgP determines that another thread has the same procedure as its current $SirMsg procedure then that thread's virtual storage copy is shared. $SirMsgP considers another thread to be using the same $SirMsg procedure if the procedure name, file name and contents of the procedure are identical to the one being set.

    If not released explicitly, the virtual storage occupied by a $SirMsg procedure will not be released until user logoff or restart. To release the virtual storage used by a $SirMsg procedure without setting a new one, simply invoke $SirMsgP with a null procedure name. For example, the following statement would clear the current $SirMsg procedure and set %rc to 3:

    %rc = $SirMsgP('')