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Validate datetime format

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. There is currently no OO equivalent for the $Sir_DateFmt function.

The $Sir_DateFmt function expects a datetime format string and returns the value 1 if the datetime format is valid, else the value 0.


%tst = $Sir_DateFmt(fmt)

Syntax terms

%tst Set to 1 if fmt is a valid datetime format string, otherwise set to 0.
fmt Datetime format string. Refer to Datetime string formats for an explanation of valid datetime format strings.

Usage notes

  • This $function has no error conditions.


The following fragment prints the string Good:

%x = $Sir_DateFmt('CYYDDDHHMISSXXX') If %x = 1 Then Print 'Good' Else Print 'Bad' End If

Products authorizing $Sir_DateFmt