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Close Janus Sockets connection(s)

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for $Sock_Close is the Close method.

$Sock_Close terminates the sending and receiving of data on, and removes from use, one or all Janus Sockets connection(s).


[%num =]$Sock_Close[([sockNum])]

Syntax terms

%num The number of of connections closed.
sockNum The number of a socket that is to be closed, or the value -1, which indicates that all the user's sockets should be closed. The default value of this optional argument is -1.

Usage notes

  • If socket is -1, indicating that all sockets are affected by the $Sock_Close call, then the returned number %num will be the number of sockets in use. Otherwise 1 is returned.
  • $Sock_Close is not affected by any ONRESET setting.


  1. In the following example, the $Sock_Close call signals that the program has completed all processing on the socket identified by the value in %sock:

    %count = $Sock_Close(%sock)

  2. The following call closes all socket connections the user has:

    %count = $Sock_Close(-1)