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Get info about last Janus Sockets error

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for $Sock_ErrInfo is the ErrInfo method.

$Sock_ErrInfo retrieves information about the last Janus Sockets error.


%info = $Sock_ErrInfo(infoType)

Syntax terms

%info A string that contains the requested information.
infoType One of the following strings:
Value Description
CODE Retrieve the code from the last Janus Sockets error.
SOCKNUM Retrieve the socket number used by the last Janus Sockets operation with an error condition.
FUN Retrieve the name of the $function producing the last Janus Sockets error. This may also be the string "Captured print," if a captured "print" operation was the last operation that encountered a Janus Sockets error.

Usage notes

  • If the return string is null, there was no Janus Sockets error since the thread logged in (note, as described in "Handling connection errors and RESET sockets", that $Sock_Conn does not set the last error information, and a few other $Sock_xxx functions do not set it, either).
  • $Sock_ErrInfo does not have a socket number argument, and thus it is not affected by any ONRESET setting.