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Switch to SSL processing

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for $Sock_SSL_On is the SSLOn method.

$Sock_SSL turns on SSL processing, that is, starts an SSL handshake as a client on a connection.


[%rc =] = $Sock_SSL_On(sockNum)

Syntax terms

%rc A numeric return code: 0 if successful, otherwise a negative value, as described below.
sockNum The socket number, or it is -1, which indicates that the change affects all relevant sockets.

$Sock_SSL_On return codes

$Sock_SSL_On return codes are:

  0 Successfully switched to SSL.
-110 Attempted on non-SSL port. $Sock_SSL_On can only be attempted on a port with SSL and SSLOPT on the JANUS DEFINE command.
-111 SSL handshake error. Likely result of trying to use $Sock_SSL_On against a non-SSL port.
-112 Have pending incoming data. $Sock_SSL_On is invalid until all incoming (presumably) non-SSL data has been received.
-149 Other error during connection.

Usage notes

This function makes it possible to make an initial connection from a Janus Sockets client application to a proxy server, use the CONNECT method to connect to a server through the proxy, and then communicate via SSL with the back end server, simply having the proxy server act as a "tunnel" for the SSL data. Basically, $Sock_SSL_On should be used after a positive response has been received for a CONNECT method request on a Janus Sockets client socket.


The following code illustrates the use of $Sock_SSL_On:

%x = $Sock_Conn('WEBDROPS', 'proxy') %r = $Sock_Set(%x, 'LINEND', '0D0A') %r = $Sock_Set(%x, 'PRSTOK', '0D0A') %r = $Sock_Send(%x, 'CONNECT ') %r = $Sock_Send(%x, 'sirius-software.com:443') %r = $Sock_SendLn(%x, ' HTTP/1.0') %r = $Sock_SendLn(%x, ) %r = $Sock_RecvPrs(%x, %s) If $WORD(%s, , 2) Ne '200' Then Call CONNECT_ERROR End If Repeat Forever %r = $Sock_RecvPrs(%x, %s) If $lstr_len(%s) Eq 0 Then Loop End End If End Repeat %r = $Sock_SSL_On(%x) If %r Then Call SSL_ERROR End If %r = $Sock_Send(%x, 'GET ') %r = $Sock_Send(%x, %URL) %r = $Sock_SendLn(%x, ' HTTP/1.0') %r = $Sock_SendLn(%x, ) ...

For more information about HTTP tunneling and the CONNECT method, see http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2817.txt. Many other references are also available on the web.