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Cancel program invoked via $TsoAtt

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. There is no OO equivalent for the $TsoCan function.

This function cancels a specific task running a program invoked via $TsoAtt or all such tasks initiated by the current user.

Note: This function requires the special version of the TSO full screen interface to Model 204 that is distributed by Sirius Software.

The $TsoCan function accepts one argument and returns a numeric status code or count.


%result = $TsoCan([task_id])

Syntax terms

%result Either the status code for the cancelled task or an error code.
task_id The number that is the task id of the "task" for which status is requested. This is an optional argument; omitting it indicates that you want all tasks to be cancelled.

Error codes

$TsoCan normally returns the status code of the cancelled task. If there is some error that prevents the task from being cancelled, however, a negative error code is returned to indicate the problem.

-1 - Connection broken -4 - Not a TSO full screen IODEV (IODEV 11) -8 - Incorrect version of TSO interface -20 - LOUTPB too small


The following program invokes a program called COMPRESS in the user's TSO address space with a parameter of DSN(JUNK.CNTL), issues a Find while COMPRESS is running, and then cancels the COMPRESS command if it is still running.

B %taskid = $TsoAtt( 'COMPRESS', , 'DSN(JUNK.CNTL)') FIND1: IN BIGFILE FIND ALL RECORDS FOR WHICH NAME IS LIKE 'SM*' END FIND %rc = $TsoCan( %taskid ) ... End

Products authorizing $TsoCan

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