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Terminate TSO full screen interface session, stack command

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. There is no OO equivalent for the $TsoExit function.

This function requests that the TSO full screen interface terminate the session and optionally stacks a command to be executed upon termination.

Note: This function requires the special version of the TSO full screen interface to Model 204 that is distributed by Sirius Software.

The $TsoExit function accepts one argument and returns a numeric completion code.


%result = $TsoExit([command])

Syntax terms

%result A numeric variable that is set to a status code.
command A string containing the name of the command to be invoked in the TSO address space. This is an optional argument; if it is null or missing, no command is stacked.

Status codes

0 - Function successful -1 - Connection broken -4 - Not a TSO full screen IODEV (IODEV 11) -8 - Incorrect version of TSO interface -20 - LOUTPB too small


The following program requests the TSO full screen interface to terminate its session with Model 204 and then issue the LOGOFF command in the TSO address space.

B %rc = $TsoExit( 'LOGOFF' ) End

Products authorizing $TsoExit

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