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The $Update function returns the name of the group update file (in group context) or the current file (in file context). If the file is remote, $Update also returns the location of the file (in the form filename AT location). If no group update file is defined, $Update returns a null (zero-length) string.


The format of the $Update function is:

$Update [(name)]

where the name argument overrides the default file or group context for the function.

The format for this argument is:

$Update can be used to indicate the name of the update file in the current group, but the name argument must not be specified. In addition to its use in arithmetic expressions and PRINT specifications, $Update also can be used as the file name in an IN clause. $Curfile and $Update are described in further detail in Files, groups, and reference context.

If the file name/group name argument is omitted or null, the default context is the context of the statement that contains the function.

Note: You cannot use an IN clause that includes both MEMBER and $Update. See IN GROUP MEMBER clause for information.

$Update compresses consecutive spaces to one space. For example,: