$Web Form Action Len

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Return action URL length

$Web_Form_Action_Len takes no arguments and returns the length of the relative URL of the current request.


%rc = $Web_Form_Action_Len

Usage notes

$Web_Form_Action_Len is most useful in conjunction with $Web_Form_Action when there is a possibility that the current URL is longer than 255 bytes. In such a case, $Web_Form_Action can be used in a loop in conjunction with $Web_Form_Action_Len, as demonstrated here:

PRINT '<form method="POST" action="' ... FOR %I FROM 1 TO $Web_Form_Action_Len BY 255 PRINT $Web_Form_Action(%I) ... END FOR PRINT '">'

Note: The maximum Janus Web Server URL length is 1,024 bytes.

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