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Value of isindex field

$Web_IsIndex_Parm retrieves the value of an isindex field in a URL.

Since isindex fields are more commonly called "URL parameters," you may want to use the synonym for this $function, $Web_URL_Parm.

$Web_IsIndex_Parm takes four arguments and returns a string, or null for any error condition.


%string = $Web_IsIndex_Parm( fieldname, occurrence, [start], [length] )

Syntax terms

fieldname The name of the isindex field, returned by $Web_IsIndex_Name. Required argument if occurrence not specified, otherwise optional.
occurrence The occurrence number of an isindex field, or the occurrence number of the isindex field matching fieldname, if fieldname is specified. This is an optional argument if fieldname is specified; otherwise it is required.
start Starting position within the field. This is an optional argument which defaults to 1.
length Length to return. This is an optional argument, provided in case an isindex field exceeds 255 bytes. The length of an isindex field can be determined with $Web_IsIndex_Len. The default is the length of the isindex field.


This example places the value of each isindex field in a URL into a User Language %variable of the same name.

*Stash the form values in matching fields. %CUST_NAME = $Web_IsIndex_Parm('CUST_NAME' ) %CUST_NUM = $Web_IsIndex_Parm('CUST_NUM' ) %ORDER_NUM = $Web_IsIndex_Parm('ORDER_NUM' ) %ORDER_DATE = $Web_IsIndex_Parm('ORDER_DATE' ) %ORDER_ITEM = $Web_IsIndex_Parm('ORDER_ITEM') %ORDER_ITEM2 = $Web_IsIndex_Parm('ORDER_ITEM', 2)

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