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Set 3270 to HTML mapping options

$Web_Screen sets the value of 3270-screen-to-HTML mapping options and/or returns the current value of these options.

$Web_Screen is a callable $function.

$Web_Screen accepts two arguments, the first one required, and it returns a string containing the previous setting of the indicated parameter, or it returns a null for any errors.


%curval = $Web_Screen( parameter, value )

Syntax terms

parameter The name of a parameter that controls the conversion of 3270 screens to HTML. These are the same parameters that can be set via JANUS WEB SCREEN rules, as documented in JANUS WEB SCREEN.
value The new value for the parameter. These are the same values that can be set via JANUS WEB SCREEN rules.

Usage notes

  • If the parameter name is missing or invalid or the value is invalid, $Web_Screen returns a null string. If the value argument is missing, $Web_Screen returns the current value of the indicated parameter. In all other cases, $Web_Screen sets the value of parameter to value, and it returns value to indicate success.
  • $Web_Screen only affects the settings for the current Janus Web Server Legacy session; it does not affect settings for other users or other sessions for the same user. It also does not affect the initial screen rules for subsequent Janus Web Legacy sessions.


  1. In the following example, the labels for function keys 1, 3 , 7, and 8 are set for subsequent 3270 screens. The current settings for other function keys are unaffected.

    * Set some function key values %JUNK = $Web_Screen('PF1', 'Help') %JUNK = $Web_Screen('PF3', 'Quit') %JUNK = $Web_Screen('PF7', 'Down') %JUNK = $Web_Screen('PF8', 'Up')

  2. There are certain self-defining parameters for JANUS WEB SCREEN rules that don't have the parameter and value format but simply have a parameter name. Examples of this are CSSINSP, NOCSSINSP, LEGBL, and NOLEGBL. For these types of parameters, the parameter name is not required; if present, it must be the alternate value of that parameter:

    %JUNK = $Web_Screen(, 'NOCSSINSP') %JUNK = $Web_Screen('LEGBL', 'LEGBL') %JUNK = $Web_Screen(, 'CSSTITLESPAN')

    Also, for these types of parameters, the value returned by $Web_Screen will be one of the alternate values, so the following statement might set %JUNK to either CSSINSP or NOCSSINSP:

    %JUNK = $Web_Screen('NOCSSINSP')

    This statement would set %JUNK to either CSSTITLEDIV or CSSTITLESPAN, depending on the old setting of this parameter:

    %JUNK = $Web_Screen(,'CSSTITLEDIV')