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Build select options from global select element, selected is string

$Web_Sel inserts into the Web output stream the options list of an HTML <select> element. The options list is taken from a global select element created by $Web_Save_Sel, and the selected option (that is, the one that is highlighted on the HTML page) is specified by a character string. An overview of the $Web_Sel* functions is provided in $Web_Selp.

$Web_Sel is a callable $function.

$Web_Sel takes three arguments and returns a string; for some types of errors, the current User Language request is cancelled.


%rc = $Web_Sel(global_name, [selected_value], [option_keywords])

Syntax terms

global_name A status code.
global_name The name of the global select element containing the values and descriptions for the options list. The global select element with this name must have been created by $Web_Save_Sel. This is a required argument.
selected_value A string which, if equal to one of the values in the options list, specifies the item that is selected in the displayed options list. This does not allow multiple item selection in a "select multiple" element.

This an optional argument. If this argument is omitted, or if the string is not equal to the value of any of the options in the global select element, then none of the "option" elements in the list contain the selected attribute.

As explained in "Drop-down lists: HTML <select>", the default selected option depends on the type of <select> element: <select multiple> has no default; for non-multiple, the first item in the options list is the default selected element.

option_keywords This optional argument is a string of blank-separated keywords specifying special processing for this $function. Any of the following is valid:
NOCAN Don't cancel request if global_name not found
NOENDSEL Don't end list of options with </select>
ENDOPT End each option with </option>

Status codes

Code Meaning
null The operation completed successfully.
1 Global_name not a saved global select element, and NOCAN option specified.
Any other error results in cancellation of the User Language request.


See $Web_Selp for an extended example which includes use of $Web_Sel.