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The $Word function searches a string from the left for a complete word and returns the nth word in a specified string, delimited by a blank or optionally specified character.


The format of the $Word function is:



  • inputstring is the input from which the specified word is to be extracted. inputstring can be a quoted literal or a %variable.
  • delimiter is an optional quoted character or string to be used as a delimiter in parsing the input string into words. If delimiter is not specified, it defaults to a blank space. If delimiter consists of more than one character, Model 204 uses the first character in the string as the delimiter.
  • n is the ordinal number of the word to be extracted. $Word returns a null string under any of the following conditions:
    • n is not specified
    • n is less than 1 (0 or negative)
    • n is greater than the number of words in inputstring
    • The commas which separate the three arguments are required, even if delimiter is not specified.


Null values between delimiters are not considered words. For example:


Here $Word returns D as the second word, not a null value.


The following function returns the third word in the string, "THE", when a single space delimits a word:


The following function returns the second word in the string, "S THE T", where a word is composed of the characters that precede a delimiting I: