*DEVICE command

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Any BATCH2 job
To reset the values of the OUTMRL and OUTLPP parameters


*DEVICE n1,n2


n1 specifies characters per line
n2 specifies lines per page


For example, the following line changes the value used for OUTMRL to 132 and OUTLPP to 55:

*DEVICE 132,55

Usage notes

Using *DEVICE command in BATCH2 jobs

To change the values used for OUTMRL and OUTLPP, use the *DEVICE command and the RESET command.

If an input line begins with *DEVICE, followed by a number, a comma, and another number, the first number is used to change the value used for OUTMRL and the second is used to change OUTLPP.

Note: The values of OUTMRL and OUTLPP (as returned by the VIEW command) are not actually updated, however, until the RESET command is issued.

This is the only way to affect the value of OUTMRL used for output lines; that is, the RESET OUTMRL command does not have the effect of changing the buffer size of OUTMRL unless it is preceded by a *DEVICE command.

You do not need to be logged in to issue this command.