AddCC (Email subroutine)

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Add a CCd mail recipient (Email class)


email:AddCC( name, [nickname])

Syntax terms

email An Email object.
name A string expression that contains an email address: a userid, followed by an at sign (@), followed by a domain name.
nickname An optional string expression that contains a familiar name associated with the e-mail address.

Usage notes

  • Mail servers should be able to accept up to at least 100 distinct recipients for a single mail message, though stricter limits may be imposed by some mail servers. The recipient count is the sum of all e-mail addresses added with the AddCc, AddBcc, and AddRecipient methods.
  • Recipients added with the AddCc method appear in the "Cc:" header in the e-mail message.
  • For an example that includes this method, see "Basic e-mail".

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