AddLongstring (HttpRequest subroutine)

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Add a longstring to POST data for this request (HttpRequest class)

The AddLongstring subroutine adds the contents of a Longstring to the HTTP Post data that is subsequently sent on a Post method invocation.

The contents of the passed Longstring become the post data of the request being built. Invoking this method erases any post data previously added by AddXml or AddLongstring method calls. By default, the data is converted from EBCDIC to ASCII; however, this can be turned off.


httpRequest:AddLongstring( string, [xlatFlag])

Syntax terms

httpRequest A previously defined and instantiated HttpRequest object.
string A Longstring variable.
xlatFlag A numeric expression that, if nonzero, indicates binary data. Setting this option overrides the default behaviour of translating EBCDIC to ASCII.

Usage notes

  • Unlike the AddField method, AddLongstring has no effect on the request content type.

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