Antilog and AntilogE (Float functions)

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Antilog base e of a number (Float class)

The AntiLog and AntiLogE intrinsic functions return a number that is the natural anti-logarithm (or exponential) of the method object value. The result is the natural logarithmic base () raised to the power of the method object value.

AntiLog and AntiLogE are synonyms.


%number = float:Antilog

%number = float:AntilogE

Syntax terms

%number A numeric variable to receive the antilog of the method object.
float A Float value.

Usage notes

  • Although you might expect %x:log:antilog to return the value in %x, the good fit techniques used by the Log and AntiLog methods make the result not quite exact, as shown in the following example:

    2:log:antilog = 2.00000000023047 3:log:antilog = 3.00000000017113 4:log:antilog = 4.00000000047426 5:log:antilog = 5.00000000057644 6:log:antilog = 6.00000000069796 7:log:antilog = 7.00000000056701 8:log:antilog = 8.00000000047046 9:log:antilog = 9.0000000010268 10:log:antilog = 10.0000000005553

  • AntiLog and AntiLogE are object-oriented versions of the $Exp function.
  • Available as of Sirius Mods Version 7.3.


The following statement returns 1:antilog = 2.71828182845905.

printText {~} = {1:antilog}

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