AppendCCATempAllocatorInfo (Stringlist function)

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Add CCATEMP allocator information to a Stringlist (Stringlist class)

Produce information useful in identifying the cause of a CCATEMP page leak.


[%rc =] sl:AppendCCATempAllocatorInfo

Syntax terms

sl Stringlist object

Usage notes

If a CCATEMP page leak is suspected, this method can be run in the Online with the suspected leak, and the contents of the output Stringlist sent to Rocket Model 204 support. The Stringlist items contain offsets in the Model 204 assembler code so are not likely to be useful without interaction with Rocket Model 204 support.


The following sorts the AppendCCATempAllocatorInfo output and saves it to procedure -1:

USE PROC -1 b %sl is object stringlist %x is string len 32 %i is float %sl = new %sl:AppendCCATempAllocatorInfo %sl:sort("1,10,D") for %i from 1 to %sl:count print %sl(%i):unspace(leading=false, compress=false) end for end